SPINNIN’ WOMEN is a mentorship program designed for 16 - 18 year old, female-identifying people who have an interest in music, media and engaging with the arts. It is a 6 week course, designed to engage young women in a practical learning environment that would otherwise be inaccessible through other avenues.

Using the Radioactive.FM studio we will allow these students an experiential view of what goes into hosting a radio show, while also engaging them through specific learning outcomes in ethnomusicology, musical culture and identity, and music curation.

We want young women to have an opportunity to learn a unique discipline in an open, safe environment where their learning is supported and encouraged.

Do you know the next big radio personality? Are you dying for a chance to get yourself on the airwaves? Join Spinnin’ Women and give yourself a chance to shine.

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The Radioactive Studio

40 Taranaki Street
Te Aro, Wellington NZL